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Aloe Vera Gel 250 Gm (Pack Of 6)

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Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for Your Skin & Hair!

Loyal Aloe Vera Gel is naturally infused with healing, hydrating and cooling properties. Therefore, it is one of the best aloe vera gels in India is suitable for your skin and hair. It moisturizes dry skin areas without leaving a greasy feeling, and removes dead skin without clogging the pores and softens the texture, providing a natural glow. Loyal Aloe Vera Gel also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to heal your skin of sunburns, scars, acne or blemishes. A great aftershave-after-trim agent, this aloe vera gel for face soothes your skin of any razor burn or nicks. Finally, yet importantly, it makes your hair manageable by giving it a sleek look and sheen over it.

  • Reduces acne & spots
  • Lightens scars
  • Soothes & protects skin
  • Nourishes & moisturizes

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