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Barium Sulphide Powder For Hair Removal (100 GM) (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

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Barium Sulphide Powder is also very popular in the cosmetics industry. BARIUM SULPHIDE POWDER is one of the active and most used ingredients used in depilatory creams to remove hair. It is normally used in conjunction with other active ingredients for hair removal. The use of this chemical compound has been around for more than 90 years! Wash the area in which you want to remove the body hair. Use a mild cleanser and warm water then pat it dry. If you are using a Barium Sulphide Powder product for the first time, you need to apply it on a small patch of skin. This helps to determine your skin’s sensitivity and reaction to the chemical compound. Note that you need to wait for a few hours before you can proceed with the application process in case you notice that it is safe to use it. You need to apply the cream over the skin and wait for the chemical agent in this compound to start working. Once the hairs' protein structure dissolves, you can easily remove the hair. Note that this process can take 10 minutes or more, depending on hair growth. Ingredients-




Method- 1) cut the glycerin soap into small bits and melts it completely using the double boiler method, 2) to the melted soap you can then add some saffron, 3) add two tablespoons of glycerin to this mixture, 4) add two tablespoons of Barium Sulphide Powder, 5) all the while the mixture should be on heat. Ensure you mix well to get a uniform mixture. 6) turn off the heat you can transfer the mixture into soap molds and allow cooling for a couple of hours, 7) your soap is ready.

Spray some cool water on the part of the body where there is unwanted hair.

Apply the soap generously to that part of the body and allow staying for a couple of minutes.

Spray some cool water to this region again and then clean of soap paste with a tissue paper in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Wash the body part with water and rub in some Aloe Vera gel.

Barium Sulphide Powder For Hair Removal

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